Keeping things simple

While a substantial portion of our customers are large furniture manufacturers, face plants, plywood manufacturers, distributors and resellers in Europe, Asia and the U.S. — we aren’t limited to just high volume purchasers. Our customers also include smaller speciality manufacturers and craftsmen who need a dependable source for high-quality custom hardwood products without having to place large orders. Industries like boat building, custom cabinet shops, architectural mill work shops, store fixture manufacturers, and others can depend on the Möhring Group to meet their exacting specifications and deadlines with the same degree of customer service that our large customers receive. And, at a competitive price.

For us it’s all about customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a small custom order of sequenced and numbered panels, counter fronts properly sanded with the grain or a large shipment of birch veneer, you can place your order through a single Möhring Group representative.

From production to sales our can-do attitude ensures fast accurate quotes and order turnarounds, flexibility on order changes, excellent logistics and transportation services, and quick resolutions to problems.

Doing business with the Möhring Group is easy, fast, and pleasant. Order virtually any hardwood product you need with just one phone call.

It takes more than great technology and innovation to compete in the global market. It takes great employees who care about their work, the products they manufacture and the customers they serve.

“It’s all about customer satisfaction.”